Salt lake flat city with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, and other shitttt.....

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    A mom (Argentina) captures a strange creature while filming her son. She believes it to be a Duende, which is a fairy or goblin-like creature from Latin American or Filipino folklore.


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    This sculpture is by Marco d’Agrate, 1562 (Duomo cathedral, Milan-Italy)

    This is a sculpture of St. Bartholomew who was an Apostle that was said to be skinned alive. If you look closely you will notice that his robe is actually not a robe at all, but his skin. 


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    Key & Peele have some tips for attending a gay wedding in this new sketch from the Season Four premiere, airing tonight after South Park.

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    The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

    whitest kids u know arent even close to fucking around

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